Why You Should Hire a Foreclosure Defense Attorney

Facing foreclosure on your property is often stressful and discouraging. However, with expert guidance from a foreclosure defense attorney, you can address legal issues with greater confidence and efficiency. 

Key reasons to hire a foreclosure defense attorney include:

Prevent Additional Lawsuits On The Same Property

Numerous loans are being sold, transferred, and divided at any given time. This creates the possibility for two separate lenders to file a foreclosure lawsuit on one note and mortgage.

However, under Florida law, lenders must jump through several hoops to prove that they’re entitled to foreclosure. With this in mind, hiring a foreclosure defense attorney can help you prevent a second party from filing another lawsuit on the same note or mortgage. 

Gain Access To Specialized Knowledge

Qualified foreclosure defense attorneys have specialized knowledge about foreclosure law. It’s important to know that foreclosure law often changes, making it difficult (if not impossible) for someone who’s not an attorney to keep up with the latest adjustments.

With this knowledge and years of experience, your foreclosure defense attorney can navigate the intricacies and unique challenges of your foreclosure case.  

Comply With All Regulations

Foreclosure defense cases are often complicated. To succeed in your case, you’ll need to adhere to precise court filing processes and regulations. Any documents that you file with the court will need to be in the proper format and submitted by the stated deadline. This is a lot to manage for an individual – hiring a foreclosure defense attorney will take these technicalities off of your plate so that you have the best possible chance of success. 

In most cases, an experienced foreclosure defense attorney is essential to the case’s success. At Weldon & Rothman PL, we’re leaders in Florida mortgage assistance and can help you navigate a foreclosure. Contact us today for a free case review