Unemployment Appeals / PERC Appeals

We provide representation for employees in unemployment appeals. We are also available for representation in PERC appeals for career service employees, and for representation in most other employment related administrative proceedings.

Unemployment Appeals
We will vigorously defend your entitlement to receive unemployment compensation. When confronted with an unemployment claim, employers will often attempt to wrongfully prevent your claim by lying, distorting what happened, and using highly paid representatives, attorneys, and skillful or tricky questioning to try to stop you.

If the claims adjudicator has denied your claim, and you believe you are entitled to receive benefits, please file an Appeal immediately, and a Referee will be assigned to hear your case. If your employer is wrongly appealing, do not go to the hearing unrepresented. The stakes are high, as you may be forced to pay back all of the unemployment compensation you received.

Whether you or your employer have filed an Appeal, call us and arrange for us to represent you. The Unemployment Appeals hearing is an adversarial proceeding, wherein the Referee will examine you, the employer’s witnesses, and the available evidence. Importantly, during the Unemployment Appeals hearing, you will also be given the opportunity to examine your employer’s witnesses, and the employer’s representative will be given the opportunity to examine you. You can offer witnesses, documentary evidence, legal and/or factual reasons as to why you are entitled to receive benefits, and make a closing statement. The employer will have all of these same opportunities to try to block your claim.

The Unemployment Appeals hearing before the Appeals Referee is generally the most critical step in the process. In most instances, this will be the only opportunity you have to introduce evidence to prove your case and obtain the Unemployment Benefits you are entitled to receive.

Florida Unemployment Compensation law is highly complex, and the penalty for failing to navigate the law correctly may be a denial of your benefits. Do not try to go through the process alone.

At Weldon & Rothman, PL, we handle all unemployment proceedings from the initial Unemployment Appeal before the Appeals Referee, to Appeals to the Reemployment Appeals Commission, to Appeals to the District Court of Appeal. We meet with you, prepare your case, and help walk you through the complicated universe of unemployment compensation benefits. Immediate action is generally required. Do not let your employer prevent you from receiving the unemployment benefits you deserve.

Employers will look out for their own interests. Let us look out for you.

We handle unemployment appeals throughout Florida. However, we pride ourselves on our service to and our focus on Southwest Florida: Naples, Ft. Myers, Sarasota, Bonita Springs, Estero, Marco Island, Immokalee, Port Charlotte, Punta Gorda, Cape Coral, Lehigh Acres, North Port, Bradenton, Collier County, Lee County, Charlotte County, Manatee County, and Sarasota County. We have convenient offices in Naples, Florida, Ft. Myers, Florida, and Sarasota, Florida.

We appreciate the trust you have shown in our law firm. Let us help you achieve the justice you deserve.