Mortgage Foreclosures

Weldon & Rothman, PL has become a leader in Florida mortgage assistance. Foreclosures typically encompasses 2 categories of important issues that need to be addressed:

1. Bank/Lender Issues (loan modification, short sales, deed in lieu, reinstatement)

2. Legal Issues (the actual defense of the foreclosure lawsuit, consents with waiver of deficiency).

The problem is, most “stop foreclosure” services claim to assist the homeowner in the loan modification or short-sale process. What they don’t tell you is that non-attorney companies cannot represent you in the foreclosure lawsuit. For most homeowners, IF YOU DON’T DEFEND AGAINST THE FORECLOSURE (ADDRESS THE LEGAL ISSUES), THEN IT IS UNLIKELY THAT YOU WILL HAVE THE NECESSARY TIME TO FINALIZE AN AGREEMENT (LOAN MODIFICATION, SHORT SALE, OR DEED IN LIEU) WITH THE BANK/LENDER.

WITH A LITTLE LEGAL GUIDANCE (with the assistance of a knowledgeable Short-Sale Realtor), OUR CLIENTS CAN TYPICALLY HANDLE THE BANK ISSUES WITHOUT WASTING MONEY! Our litigation experience and knowledge is better served representing you in the defense of the actual foreclosure lawsuit.

Why defend Unfortunately, with the large number of loans being sold, transferred, and split into security instruments, it is critical for homeowners to require the lender to establish that they are the rightful holder of the note and mortgage that they are attempting to enforce. We have seen cases where two different lenders have actually filed a foreclosure lawsuit on the same note and mortgage. Florida law requires a high burden for a lender to prove that they are in fact entitled to foreclose, and it is important for homeowners to hold lenders to those requirements in order to prevent another “rightful” holder of the note from subsequently filing a lawsuit on the same note or mortgage.

Let our mortgage foreclosure experience work for you.