Will Insurance Cover Bicycle Accident Injuries?

With Florida’s beautiful year-round weather, it’s home to many cyclists. Unfortunately, bicycle accidents do happen and can cause significant injuries. If you’re struck while riding a bike, will your insurance cover your medical expenses?

PIP Insurance and Bicycle Accidents

Under Florida law, all drivers must obtain at least $10,000 in personal injury protection (PIP) insurance. Also known as no-fault auto insurance, this type of plan covers up to 80% of your medical bills and lost earnings after a crash, no matter which party is considered negligent. 

PIP insurance covers bicyclists and pedestrians that are struck by a motorist. So, if you’re in a bicycle accident in Florida, and you have a Florida auto policy, then your PIP insurance should cover 80% of the initial medical expenses up to the policy limits (typically $10,000). If you don’t own a vehicle and are in a bicycle accident, then you could be covered as a resident relative under an auto policy in your same household, or you may be covered under the other driver’s PIP insurance.   

What’s Covered Under PIP Insurance?

Medical expenses, lost wages, death benefits, and disability relating to an accident are covered under PRP insurance. Most plans cover:

  • 80% of the actual medical expenses of the accident (including medical treatment, emergency medical transportation, hospitalization, diagnostic testing, chiropractic care, and therapy) up to $10,000. You must seek at least an initial visit with a qualified medical provider within 14 days from the crash. 
  • 60% of lost wages up to $10,000, including the cost of paying someone else for chores that you can’t do on your own due to accident-related injuries
  • Up to $5,000 for the policyholder’s funeral and burial costs, among other death benefits, if they were killed in the accident

What If My Losses Exceed My PIP Coverage?

For losses from a bicycle accident that exceed $10,000 of PIP coverage, or for damages not covered by PIP (pain and suffering, etc), you have the option of pursuing a claim against the at-fault driver to obtain additional compensation. This claim is typically handled under the other driver’s bodily injury coverage on their auto policy, and the amount of coverage will depend on the other driver’s policy limits. 

If you were recently in a bicycle accident that was caused by another driver, reach out to our skilled attorneys at Weldon & Rothman PL today. We can help you obtain your rightful compensation after a bicycle accident in Florida.