Florida Car Accidents with Out-of-State Drivers

As one of the country’s most popular tourist destinations, Florida attracts millions of visitors every year. While there are many positives of Florida’s thriving tourism department, out-of-state drivers can complicate the aftermath of a car accident. Thankfully, with an experienced car accident attorney by your side, you can resolve insurance complications after a crash with an out-of-state driver.

Read on for more information about what to do after being in an auto accident with a non-Florida driver.  Continue reading “Florida Car Accidents with Out-of-State Drivers”

Can You Sue if You Signed a Liability Waiver in Florida?

If you sign a liability waiver in Florida and sustain an injury, you may doubt your ability to pursue compensation for the related damages. Gyms, amusement parks, sporting events, daycares, and a variety of other businesses and facilities require liability waivers in Florida to limit their legal obligation in case of an accident.

However, a liability waiver may not eliminate your ability to file a claim against the business in every circumstance. This article will outline when you may and may not be able to sue after signing a liability waiver in Florida.  Continue reading “Can You Sue if You Signed a Liability Waiver in Florida?”

What You Need to Know About Dog Bite & Injury Laws in Florida

Dog bites are more common than you might think. An estimated 4.5 million people in the U.S. are bitten by dogs each year, and an estimated 19% of those bites require medical attention. 

Given the prevalence of dog bites, it’s important for Floridians to understand the state’s dog bite and injury laws. Read on for a complete overview. 

Florida’s Dog Bite Laws

Florida is considered a strict liability state for dog bites, meaning that dog owners can be held legally liable for dog bites even if the victim can’t prove that the bite was a result of the owner’s negligence. Additionally, dog owners in Florida can be held liable for the damages related to a bite even if their dog doesn’t have a history of biting or hasn’t exhibited aggressive behaviors before. Continue reading “What You Need to Know About Dog Bite & Injury Laws in Florida”

Car Accidents Caused By a Medical Emergency

Car accidents can have many possible causes, from distracted driving to road rage to inclement weather. In some cases, unfortunately, car accidents are caused by medical emergencies. These cases can raise several questions, namely who is at fault in the crash. 

In this article, we’ll discuss how car accidents caused by medical emergencies are legally handled in the state of Florida. 

Who’s at Fault For an Auto Accident Caused By a Medical Emergency?

Unexpected medical emergencies aren’t preventable, so drivers who experience a sudden medical emergency on the road may not be held liable for damages. Florida has a Sudden Emergency Doctrine, which is used to legally protect these drivers in court. Continue reading “Car Accidents Caused By a Medical Emergency”

Will Insurance Cover Bicycle Accident Injuries?

With Florida’s beautiful year-round weather, it’s home to many cyclists. Unfortunately, bicycle accidents do happen and can cause significant injuries. If you’re struck while riding a bike, will your insurance cover your medical expenses?

PIP Insurance and Bicycle Accidents

Under Florida law, all drivers must obtain at least $10,000 in personal injury protection (PIP) insurance. Also known as no-fault auto insurance, this type of plan covers up to 80% of your medical bills and lost earnings after a crash, no matter which party is considered negligent.  Continue reading “Will Insurance Cover Bicycle Accident Injuries?”

Are Settlements Public Record?

If you’re considering filing a lawsuit in Florida, you may be wondering about the information that could become a public record. In particular, many Florida clients inquire about whether settlements are public records. The answer to this question comes down to a few different factors, including the type of case, Florida state law, and whether the plaintiff agrees to an out-of-court settlement. 

This article will cover the types of settlements that become public records in Florida. 

Settlements vs. Verdicts

First off, let’s clarify how settlements differ from legal verdicts. A settlement is a voluntary resolution that both parties agree to. Verdicts, on the other hand, are determined by a judge or jury during a court case.  Continue reading “Are Settlements Public Record?”

What Are The Common Causes of Personal Injury Accidents?

Even for the most careful among us, injuries and accidents are par for the course. Since people get injured all the time, it can be difficult to differentiate between a normal injury and one that warrants a personal injury lawsuit. So, let’s go over some of the most common causes of personal injury accidents and when to consult an attorney for damages.  Continue reading “What Are The Common Causes of Personal Injury Accidents?”

Is Florida a No-Fault Accident State? What Does That Mean?

If you’ve ever been involved in an auto accident, you’ve probably pondered over who was at fault. Though car accidents are emotionally, physically, and financially taxing, it’s important to establish responsibility for major car accidents, especially when there is auto and medical damage to be covered. Florida is one of the top three most dangerous driving states in the U.S. So if you’re a driver in the Sunshine State, it’s crucial to familiarize yourself with its state driving laws whether or not you’ve been involved in a car accident.  Continue reading “Is Florida a No-Fault Accident State? What Does That Mean?”

The 12 Most Common Causes of Car Accidents

No matter its cause, a car accident is an often stressful and potentially devastating life event. Between medical bills, lost wages, and property damage, the aftermath of a crash can leave you in a difficult spot. 

While a car accident attorney can help you obtain compensation for your losses after a car accident, prevention is always preferable. Below, we’ll list the 12 most common causes of car accidents to watch out for and avoid. 

1. Distracted Driving

Whether you’re checking your texts, chatting on the phone, or eating a snack, being distracted while driving is extremely dangerous and a leading cause of car accidents today.   Continue reading “The 12 Most Common Causes of Car Accidents”

The Importance of Filing a Police Report After a Car Accident

Following a car accident, most people are, understandably, overwhelmed. Between seeking medical care for any injuries, talking to the other driver, and dealing with car repairs, filing a police report may not be the first thing on your mind. However, in Florida, all accidents must be filed for a police report if there’s more than $500 in property damage, if there are any complaints of injury, or if the accident was caused by an intoxicated driver. 

Regardless of these requirements, filing a police report is important for your insurance claim after a police report. Here’s why:

Record Contact Information

Contact information for the other driver and his or her insurance company will be included in the police report. The report may also include contact information for any witnesses of the crash. This information will become necessary when you file an insurance claim.  Continue reading “The Importance of Filing a Police Report After a Car Accident”