When to Hire an Attorney to Help With Your Hurricane Ian Claim

Hurricane Ian struck Southwest Florida on September 28, eventually becoming the third most expensive weather disaster ever recorded. The flood and wind losses for this disaster have been estimated at between $41 billion and $70 billion. What’s more, Ian damaged an estimated 30,000 homes and destroyed around 5,000 homes in Florida, leaving thousands of Floridians in need of insurance compensation to repair the damage. 

If you filed an insurance claim for damage sustained during Hurricane Ian, we hope that the process went smoothly. But, if you’re dealing with claim denials, lowballs, or delays, it’s time to contact an attorney. An experienced hurricane claim attorney can deal with the insurance company on your behalf and fight for your rightful compensation.

Here are a few key scenarios in which you should call an attorney for your Hurricane Ian insurance claim:

Your Insurance Company Denied Your Claim. 

If your insurance wrongfully denies coverage, whether partially or fully, consider calling an attorney. This is relatively common, and an attorney can ensure that you receive the compensation that you’re entitled to for your Hurricane Ian claim

Your Insurance Company Lowballed The Claim Amount. 

Oftentimes, insurance companies offer a lower amount than the initial claim in the hopes that the policyholder will settle for it. It can be difficult to dispute this amount on your own, especially when you’re already dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Ian. A hurricane claim attorney can help.

Your Insurance Company Delayed The Claim Process. 

In some cases, insurance companies delay claim processing, finalizing, or payment to an unreasonable degree. If you’re in this scenario, an attorney can help you take legal action to complete the claim. 

Your Insurance Company Fails To Cover The Full Amount of The Damages. 

If you receive a check from your insurance company that reads “full” or “final”, but it doesn’t cover some of the damages, an attorney can help you receive the full compensation amount that you’re entitled to. 

The skilled attorneys at Weldon & Rothman, PL will protect your legal rights to ensure that you receive the full claim amount from your insurance company. Contact us today for a free case review