Do I Really Need a Lawyer for a Car Accident in Florida?

After being involved in a car accident in Florida, you may (understandingly) feel overwhelmed. Between dealing with injuries, car damage, insurance claims, and your regular responsibilities, managing the aftermath of a car crash can feel like a full-time job. But, do you really need a lawyer to help with the process?

How Can a Florida Lawyer Help After a Car Accident?

The statute of limitations for filing a car accident claim in Florida is four years from the date of the accident. If you wait too long and miss this deadline, your case is almost sure to be dismissed in court. So, to ensure that you receive your rightful compensation for personal injury and property damage after a crash, it’s crucial to act quickly. 

A lawyer can help you receive your rightful compensation after a car accident in Florida by communicating with the insurance company, ensuring that the proper paperwork is completed, and gathering evidence against the at-fault driver, if applicable. All of these tasks can be difficult to successfully handle on your own, especially if you’re simultaneously managing injuries, car damage, a full-time job, and family responsibilities.

Secure Your Rightful Compensation

It’s also worth noting that Florida auto accident attorneys are experienced in dealing with insurance companies. At times, valid claims are denied by insurance companies, or the insured receives less compensation than they deserve. 

With knowledge of how to file a claim with the best chance of approval and how to properly communicate with insurance companies, a lawyer can secure the full amount of your rightful compensation. This can make a big difference, especially if you don’t have the time or energy to fight a denied claim. 

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