When To Hire A Lawyer For An Insurance Claim

Having to file an insurance claim for property damage or personal injury can be a tedious process. In the best-case scenario, the claim will be fairly standard and settle easily. However, in larger, more complex cases, insurance claim disputes may compromise the compensation that you receive for your losses. 

In several instances, hiring an experienced lawyer to help settle an insurance claim is crucial to receiving the compensation that you deserve. Examples of scenarios that often require legal services include:

Insurance Claims That Involve Disagreements With The Adjuster

When you file an insurance claim, the insurance company will most often have an adjuster calculate the losses. The adjuster may inspect your home or vehicle, conduct interviews, and complete research to determine the insurance company’s payment for the loss. If you disagree with the adjuster’s valuation of your loss, (especially early on in the claims process), you should consider speaking to an attorney. 

Claims In Which Fault Is Up For Dispute

If the fault or liability is up for dispute, an attorney’s services will be invaluable throughout the claims process. There are various legal requirements for proving fault in a personal injury or property damage case. An insurance claim attorney can help you expertly navigate these requirements. 

Large Insurance Claims

Generally, for any claims that are costly and/or complex, it’s wise to contact an attorney to ensure that the claim is settled properly.  

The Benefits of Hiring An Attorney For Your Insurance Claim

  • An attorney can accurately calculate your claim based on your losses, both financial and otherwise. 
  • By speaking to an attorney before calling your insurance company to file the claim, you can avoid saying anything to the insurance agent that may compromise your claim. 
  • Your attorney can stop the insurance company from pressuring you into any decisions or taking advantage of you. 
  • An attorney will know the legal requirements for proving fault. 


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