What is the Homeowner Claim Bill of Rights?

The Homeowner Claims Bill of Rights defines the rights and responsibilities of homeowners insurance policyholders in Florida. Florida’s law requires insurance companies to provide residential policyholders with this document within 14 days after the policyholder reaches out about a claim. The Bill of Rights helps protect homeowners during the insurance claims process, helping to secure their rightful compensation in the case of a claim. 

Homeowners Rights in Florida

Some of the key homeowners’ rights included in the Homeowner Claims Bill of Rights are:

  • Your insurance company must acknowledge your claim within 7 days of its submission. 
  • Your insurance must state whether your claim is fully covered, partially covered, denied, or being investigated within 30 days of your submission of the Proof of Loss Statement. 
  • Your insurance company must provide a copy of the detailed estimate of the damage amount within 7 days of the estimate being provided by the adjuster. 
  • You should receive full payment, a written claim denial, or payment of the undisputed claim portion within 60 days of claim submission. 
  • Your insurance company must pay you interest on the full or undisputed claim amount if your claim isn’t denied, and you don’t receive a claim payment within 60 days after the claim is filed.

Homeowners Responsibilities in Florida

The Bill of Rights advises that homeowners:

  • File claims directly with the insurance company. 
  • Contact your insurance company before entering a contract for repairs. 
  • Complete and document necessary emergency repairs to prevent further damage. 
  • Closely and completely read any contract that involves out-of-pocket costs or fees based on a percentage of the insurance compensation. 
  • Check that your chosen contractor is licensed to conduct business in Florida and ask for proof of insurance before they start repairs. 
  • If you must leave your home due to the damage, make sure to secure your property and turn off the gas, electricity, and water. 

Despite the Homeowner Claims Bill of Rights, many Floridians still struggle to obtain the compensation they deserve for a homeowner’s insurance claim. The attorneys at Weldon & Rothman, PL can expertly manage insurance disputes and communicate directly with your insurance company to protect your rights. Contact us today for a free case review!