How to Find the Right Personal Injury Lawyer

If you’ve sustained an injury because of another individual’s negligence or wrongdoing, you can file a personal injury lawsuit to recover compensation for your losses. However, to ensure that you receive the maximum compensation for your claim, it’s crucial to work with the right personal injury attorney.

To find the best personal injury lawyer for your needs, look out for the following qualities:

Experience in Personal Injury Law

It may sound simple, but the first quality that you should check for is an attorney that is experienced in personal injury law. Lawyers are now very specialized, meaning that they focus on a handful of areas of law. For example, attorneys that primarily work on business law cases likely aren’t the best choice to spearhead your personal injury claim.

To ensure that your case is carried out expertly, find an attorney that has many years of experience practicing personal injury law. 

Recommended By Friends and Family

If you have any friends or family members who have filed a personal injury lawsuit, ask them for an attorney recommendation. They can likely give you a detailed explanation of why they would or wouldn’t recommend the lawyer that they worked with.

While recommendations from loved ones can effectively narrow down your search for an attorney, it shouldn’t be the only information that you consider; make sure to meet with the attorney to discuss your case and get a sense of their personality before making a final decision. 

An Approach That Aligns With Your Goals

Different attorneys have various approaches to personal injury cases. For example, some attorneys may aim to obtain a settlement in a way that saves money and prevents complications. On the other hand, attorneys can take the approach of working to reap as high an amount of compensation as possible.

To ensure that your goals are met in a personal injury case, it’s important to learn about an attorney’s approach before hiring them.

At Weldon & Rothman, PL, our experienced personal injury attorneys often recover compensation that far exceeds the initial settlement from the insurance company. For a free case review, contact us today!