How Long Do Insurers Have to Settle Claims in Florida?

If you file a claim with your car, home, or health insurance company, you likely want the claims process to be settled as quickly as possible. Luckily, there are laws in place to require insurance companies to settle claims within a reasonable timeframe. While this exact timeframe can vary depending on the situation and type of insurance, insurers have to be fair and responsive in managing claims. 

General Timelines for Settling Insurance Claims

In Florida, there are three general timelines that insurers need to adhere to. These include:

  • 14 days to acknowledge the claim after it’s been filed. 

If you’re not able to speak with an agent when you file a claim, your insurance company typically has 14 days to establish communication with you. Sometimes, insurance companies can pay out small claims within this 14-day period, so the acknowledgment of your claim isn’t needed. 

  • 90 days to make a decision on the claim after it’s been acknowledged.

For most Florida insurance claims, insurers must make a decision within a 90-day period. You should receive a notice that your claim was approved or denied within this timeframe, and if you don’t, you should contact a Florida attorney who specializes in insurance disputes. 

  • 20 days to pay the claim after it’s been approved.

Many insurance policies specify that the insurer must pay the claim within 20 days once a settlement has been made. If your insurance company approved your claim but hasn’t yet provided any form of payment, it’s likely in your best interest to speak with an insurance attorney. Your attorney can examine your policy and represent you in communication with your insurance company, which can prevent further delays and ensure that your legal rights are protected. 

Insurance Attorneys in Florida

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