Common Injuries in Florida Slip and Fall Cases

Unintentional falls account for tens of thousands of hospitalizations in Florida each year. In many of these cases, a negligent party may be at fault for the resulting injuries. 

Keep reading to learn more about this type of personal injury case, including the most prevalent injuries in Florida slip and fall cases. 

Top Injuries in Slip and Fall Cases

Some of the most common injuries in Florida slip and fall cases include:

Abrasions and Contusions

An abrasion is a scrape or cut, while a contusion is a bruise. These injuries can range greatly in severity and often occur in slip and fall cases. 

Bone Fractures

The impact of a fall can cause a bone to fracture, leading to significant pain and lost mobility. Medical care for a fracture is essential to ensure that the bone heals properly and doesn’t trigger persistent future pain. 

Head Injuries

Unfortunately, many individuals who slip sustain head injuries, as the head tends to hit the floor in a fall. Some people experience traumatic brain injuries, or TBIs, which result from a sudden blow that penetrates the skull. TBIs can result in temporary or permanent disability and require immediate emergency care. 

Less severe head injuries still require prompt care, as they can lead to lasting damage when left untreated. After a major fall, visit a physician for an immediate evaluation to identify signs of a concussion or related injuries. 

Back and Spine Injuries

The spine is vulnerable to injury, especially in a major fall. Vertebral fractures, spinal disc injuries, and spinal misalignments can lead to long-term back pain after a fall. Sometimes, falls can lead to spinal cord injuries that may cause paralysis. 

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