Car Accidents Caused By a Medical Emergency

Car accidents can have many possible causes, from distracted driving to road rage to inclement weather. In some cases, unfortunately, car accidents are caused by medical emergencies. These cases can raise several questions, namely who is at fault in the crash. 

In this article, we’ll discuss how car accidents caused by medical emergencies are legally handled in the state of Florida. 

Who’s at Fault For an Auto Accident Caused By a Medical Emergency?

Unexpected medical emergencies aren’t preventable, so drivers who experience a sudden medical emergency on the road may not be held liable for damages. Florida has a Sudden Emergency Doctrine, which is used to legally protect these drivers in court.

Florida’s Sudden Emergency Doctrine states that the courts are compelled to recognize that an individual confronted with an emergency medical event cannot be held liable according to the normal standard of conduct. However, to use this doctrine in defense of a driver who experienced a medical emergency, proof of the following is required:

  • A sudden, unforeseen situation occurred on the road
  • The defendant didn’t cause the unforeseen situation
  • The defendant acted as a reasonable person would during the emergency

What’s Legally Considered a Sudden Emergency?

It’s important to consider what’s classified as a sudden emergency in court. Note that if the driver had symptoms that could indicate a possible medical emergency in advance of the crash, they may not be able to successfully use the Sudden Emergency Doctrine in court. This may also be the case if the driver was already aware that they had a medical condition that could cause an emergency on the road.

If you were involved in a motor vehicle crash that was a result of a medical emergency, it is important to contact a local experienced auto accident attorney right away. 

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