Why You Should Always Contact Police After a Car Accident

It can be very tempting to just trade insurance, identification, and vehicle information when you have a “fender bender.” But even when an accident seems to be minor, you need to contact police to file an immediate report in a scenario where they can view the accident scene and evidence for themselves. Here are some other reasons to call the police after an auto accident.

Damage might be more than you think.

The State of Florida requires that all parties file a police report with the local authorities if an auto accident incurs more than $500 estimated damages. Even just busting the grill of a newer model Ford sedan can be thousands of dollars due to the materials and parts. If you make a mistake and fail to file a report, you could face fines and other repercussions.

There may be hidden injuries.

Florida law also requires you to stay at the scene of an auto accident until police arrive if there are any injuries, but not all injuries can be seen or felt right away. You might think there are no injuries and minimal damage; but if injuries come up later, you could be fined for not following the rules.

It can be difficult to identify others.

With everyone wearing masks and other face coverings, it is difficult, if not impossible, to identify someone based on an ID, especially if you have never seen that person before. That means that it is possible for someone to fake their identity to get out of paying for the accident. It is much better for you to stay in your vehicle and call the police to file an on-site report to cover all of your bases.

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