Why Labor Unions Need Legal Representation

There are notable reasons, beyond collective bargaining, why labor unions need representation. 

What is a Labor Union?

A labor union serves as a mediator between employees (union members) and employers. It grants workers the ability to negotiate for better wages, working conditions, and benefits. 

Reasons Why Labor Unions Need Legal Representation

Some of the most common reasons why workers may need labor union representation include, collective bargaining to address:

Poor Working Conditions

If you feel undervalued, exploited, overworked, or unhappy at work, you may benefit from labor union representation. Union members can band together to negotiate for improved working conditions. 

Disregard For Worker Complaints

If your employer and/or people in leadership positions have repeatedly neglected employee complaints, you may need labor union representation. Employees may also benefit from union representation if complaints aren’t dealt with quickly or properly.

A union representative can ensure that the business has an effective system for managing and resolving complaints while giving workers a more powerful voice. 

Wages and Benefits

If your wages and benefits aren’t competitive with comparable positions at other businesses, you may want to consider union representation. Unions are estimated to raise unionized employees’ wages by 20% and compensation (including wages and benefits) by 28%. 

Safety Concerns

Workplace safety is a basic right for employees. If your workplace is lacking the proper equipment, safety training, regulations, and system for managing accidents and injuries, union representation could benefit you. 

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