Business Law

Weldon & Rothman, PL is a Southwest Florida Law firm providing businesses located in Collier, Lee, Charlotte, and Sarasota Counties a full spectrum of business law services including forming Florida Corporations and Florida Limited Liability Companies. Our lawyers can assist your business in structuring, negotiating, and managing your organization.

One of the areas that we concentrate in is creating business entities that make the most sense for our clients. Most clients come to our office hoping to form a business entity that limits both personal and corporate liability, limits tax liability, and is functional in the real world.

Florida Corporations are the most highly recognized business structure for a new Florida business. This highly structured business type allows for substantial growth, but also requires significant corporate formalities in order to maintain the corporation pursuant to Florida Statutes. A qualifying Florida corporation may elect to be treated as an S-Corporation in order to avoid the problem of “double taxation” that exists with a C-Corporation.

Florida Limited Liability Companies offer investors and business owners a more flexible alternative for doing business. Although limited liability companies have existed for many years, they have become more popular recently. An LLC can choose to be taxed as a corporation, S corporation, or as a partnership/sole proprietor. Besides favorable tax treatment, a LLC can provide personal protection from company liability and personal liability. LLC’s are inexpensive to maintain, have less formalities than corporations, and are more flexible than corporations. LLC’s may me a good choice for Start-ups, Real Estate holdings, Joint Ventures or for Asset Protection.

Our representation goes well beyond the formation of the business entity. We are able to assist your business in contract review and preparation, business financial planning, employment issues, risk management, public relations/crisis management, and litigation.

To assist you with the formation and continued success of your business is our goal. To learn more about our business law services, call today to speak directly with one of Weldon & Rothman, PL’s business law attorneys.