Key Signs You Are Facing Discrimination on the Job

Employment discrimination is not always obvious. Most companies have a workplace diversity policy in place, and managers must at least appear to be following it. In spite of this, managers still discriminate against protected classes in more subtle ways that can be harder to prove. They may do this to make you appear incompetent to uphold their view of your protected class, or they may be trying to make you quit in frustration. Either way, these signs of discrimination of the job should not be ignored.

Photo of a man aggressively speaking to a upset female employee

You Are Asked Questions Unrelated to the Job

Employment discrimination often begins during the interview and onboarding process. You may be asked questions that do not pertain to your ability to do the job. For example, a woman may be asked if she has adequate child care for her children in order to minimize absences. Other inappropriate questions may revolve around religious beliefs, after work activities, or other lifestyle choices. Whether or not they could affect scheduling, these questions are not appropriate, and are the first sign of employment discrimination.

Assignment of Impossible or Demeaning Duties

As your time in the company continues, you may notice that you are being assigned all of the tasks that no one else wants. These tasks are usually ones in which you are not able to use or prove your skills and talents. They are designed to keep you in the background of the company, not allowing you to shine in any way.

Alternatively, you may be given work assignments that have impossible deadlines, or are themselves impossible. This is usually done to try to prove that you are incompetent. Such tactics are often used to try to lay the groundwork for termination. If you notice that your work assignments are not comparable to those of your coworkers, chances are it is discrimination.

Demeaning Talk and Inappropriate Remarks

One of the more obvious signs of employment discrimination is demeaning or belittling talk from your coworkers or managers. If your manager is always condescending in manner, it could be a sign of discrimination. Inappropriate jokes and remarks about your religion, gender, sexual orientation, or race also constitute discrimination.

If you have been the victim of employment discrimination, you do not have to suffer in silence. Contact an attorney immediately to protect yourself and your job. We can assist you with any employment discrimination in Florida. Simply contact our offices for a consultation.