What Should I Do If My Employer is Not Paying Me Overtime?

As a qualifying employee in Florida, you have a right to overtime compensation. In this article, we’ll discuss the steps that you can take to recover the money you deserve for working overtime.  

Florida’s Overtime Laws

Florida’s law doesn’t include any overtime laws of its own. So, the Florida legislature previously determined that federal overtime laws would apply throughout the state.  Continue reading “What Should I Do If My Employer is Not Paying Me Overtime?”

Understanding Collective Bargaining in Florida

Collective bargaining refers to the process of negotiating contracts with an employer through a chosen bargaining agent to determine the worker’s pay, hours, benefits, time off, safety restrictions, work-life balance, etc. It’s used as a way for workers to resolve workplace issues. 

Understanding the collective bargaining process in Florida can help employees more effectively resolve issues and concerns. 

Collective Bargaining Basics

Generally, employees use a labor union as a representation for collective bargaining. The goal of this process is to settle on an agreement or contract (often called a collective agreement) that presents and settles employees’ grievances. Additionally, collective bargaining typically takes place when workers’ contacts are being changed or are up for renewal.  Continue reading “Understanding Collective Bargaining in Florida”